1. This black insects has two wings .

2. This large insect lives in hot countries and makes a loud high-pitched noise.

3. this small worm-like animal feeds on plants and develops into a butterfly or moth.

4. It’s a small, round, red beetle with black spots.

5. it’s a small tropical animal which looks like a large insect. It has a long, pointed, curving tail with a poisonous sting at the end.

6. It has large colourful wings and has a short life.

7. It makes a buzzing noise in flight and makes honey.

8. This insect is a tiny and especially one that causes damage or that people find unpleasant.

9. This small creature has eight legs and makes webs in which they catch insects for food.

10. This insect has long back legs and can jump into the air.

11. this small insect lives in large groups.

12. This brightly-coloured insect has a long thin body and two pairs of wings ; it can be found near slow-moving or still water.

13. It has yellow and black stripes and can sting.

14. This small, thin brown insect has a pair of pincers at the back of its body.

15. This small insect lives in dump places and bites people or animals to suck their blood.


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